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Tips for Finding a Great Hairdresser

The only thing harder than finding your perfect mate is finding your perfect hairdresser. We’ve all been there, done that – enter uncharted hair territory, make teary-eyed exit. Whatever your reasons for looking for a new hairdresser, don’t take it sitting down. You know the scenario after a botched haircut.

Here are tips to help you find the right hairdresser for you:

Seek referrals.

The best path to a good hairdresser is usually word of mouth. If someone you know has impressed you with her hair color or cut, ask them which salon they got it. When you visit that salon, tell the hairdresser the name of the person who referred you and you may even get a discount.

Try a blowout.

This is best way to get a vibe for a salon without making any big commitments. While you’re there, observe how everyone works. Is there too much chatter or are they focused on what they’re doing?

Familiarize yourself with your products.

Are you obsessed with certain brands? Spend time checking them out on the web. In most cases, manufacturers will have a salon locator on their websites, which you can use to check for local salons that may be using their products.

Scan online reviews.

If you got your prospect without anyone referring them to you, be prepared to do some research. What you want is to get an overall vibe of the hairdresser based on what other people are saying about them. Visit a few reputable consumer watchdog websites and read some reviews. However, don’t bother reading reviews on marketing websites because they reek of bias.

Explore social media sites.

Most hairdressers have an Instagram handle or hashtag where you can see their work from day to day. Go and take advantage of that Internet convenience. Also visit their Facebook page and scan through the comments. You will surely find plenty of clues.

Look for that connection.

As soon as you have a few prospects, call them each and try to strike a conversation about your hair, what you intend to do with it and so on. The idea is just to get a feel for the hairdresser’s personality. Of course, you’d like it to fit with yours. Ideally, you’d like to have just one person touching your hair. Someone you’re comfortable with as though a friend and can make recommendations based on your personal style. If you think you’ve found that kind of hairdresser, don’t look elsewhere and try to build a real relationship with them. Remember, this is your hair. You don’t want to gamble.

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