The Top Three Components Of A Corporate Network

Companies of all sizes rely on their network to conduct business, and when issues arise, it can lead to downtime that prevents employees from being able to do their job. Maintaining a network can be a daunting task, as installing regular updates and upgrading equipment can be both time consuming and extremely expensive. Rather than attempting to tackle everything at once, more business owners are choosing to focus on the following three items, which are essential components of a reliable network system.

Data Backups

A loss of data can be devastating to a company, and it is an issue that can be avoided. Conducting regular backups of the information that is stored on a server will allow a business to recover any data that is lost. At a minimum, backups should be performed once per week, but many IT professionals recommended two per day, as this will limit the amount of information that is lost as a result of an IT malfunction.

Disaster Plan

It is estimated that only 20 percent of organizations in the United States have a disaster plan in place. Rather than risking it and hoping everything will be okay, a business owner should create a recovery plan that can be used to help keep operations running smoothly. The most common elements of a disaster plan include remote or cloud-based backups and virtual workstations that can be deployed if a company’s physical location becomes threatened.


When it comes to computer networking for business, the security of the network should be a top priority. Hackers have become more resourceful in their attempts to bypass server protections, and even the smallest breach can lead to leaked data. A firewall acts as a barrier against outside intrusions and can help keep any data on a server safe from potential threats and provide alerts when a threat is detected.

The network a company uses is one of its most significant assets. The team at Truewater provides a complete line of network services and can help a company establish a new network or conduct upgrades on an existing one. Contact them today and make sure a company’s information systems are not only reliable but safe and secure.

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