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Mold Inspection

New homes are always a motivation for us to always tidy up our space and keep every corner immaculate, but with its age also comes less attention when it comes to maintenance needs, which often leads to bacteria and fungi like mold to start growing and multiplying without you knowing until they have multiplied significantly enough to warrant attention and solution from you. Molds are not only ugly and dirty especially when they start to spread on noticeable spaces, they also give off spores that anyone around can inhale and cause health issues if you are allergic or asthmatic, which only means they should be treated seriously.

Molds, belonging in the fungal specie, typically start to grow in dark and moist corners, with black, green, or both colors, which makes them often unnoticeable, since they love dark corners, until they have multiplied significantly. Outside, molds are common in water drains and pipes, and pavements or neglected walk paths, while they are commonly found under sinks, laundry areas, and anywhere inside the bathroom where moisture is constantly present.

Molds are also known to slowly consume and disintegrate the material it is growing on, like it does with food, and although many people try to just use a convenient kit for testing mold presence in their homes, hiring professionals to inspect your home properly and thoroughly is still better since it leaves no stones unturned, especially if you do not feel sure about what to do or how to start the process yourself. This must be considered for health reasons as well since molds can diffuse their spores in the air and possibly trigger allergic reactions or asthmatic attacks without even your knowledge of the actual cause.

Opting for professional services is ideal when you are suspecting mold growths that are hidden from sight and are difficult to find, like molds that grow in inside walls, ceiling layers, and under floor carpet tiles, including an access to quick lab tests to determine what type of mold was found in your home so proper solutions can be applied as needed. Potential problems in plumbing are also a usual cause of mold growth, which inspectors can also help you with to identify so it can be resolved as soon as possible, including treatments and steps you can use in the future to avoid regrowth once all molds are removed.

These mold inspectors are also useful for assessing commercial buildings for mold growth, or if you are planning to buy a property but want it inspected first for such growth before you proceed with the purchase.

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