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Concrete and Concrete Counter Tops that are Pleasing to the Eye

Recent findings on discoveries of human settlements that existed long ago tell that human beings made use of concrete for decorative purposes and also in construction as well. In the modern times, the use of concrete for decorative purposes has been seen more in the floors and counter tops. Among the obvious reason as to why concrete has been largely been accepted in concrete counter tops is the versatility of the material making its application easy and applicable in a variety of ways. Many people pride themselves in having something that is not to be found anywhere else , uniqueness , counter tops area among creations to find in homes with unique features. Concrete comes in handy for this purpose because one can not only have the texture that they want but also you get to have a color, shape and also have other items added on the surface of the concrete. Many contractors will want to show their customers that they have skill and what better way is there than to do a custom job on a counter top , that way the concrete counter top can fit into the overall theme of the house. Counter tops are very labor intense and far from being a one day affair, a counter top with a lot of detail will take up to a fortnight to complete. To have an overview of what goes in the making of a concrete counter top, there is the design, form work to the final step of applying a coat sealer. Lately construction companies have come with a way of having cheaper concrete counter top s where if you have a laminate structure in place , the surface is prepared and a cementitious polymer applied to achieve a concrete look alike, it is easier and also less expensive.

Acid stains, the application of overlays, eye catching patterns, the use of iron oxide colorants etc. makes up decorative concrete. To achieve colors with the use of acid stains, the acid reacts with minerals in the concrete. Color is added into the concrete mixture before consolidating the mixture and making the surfaces even off. Many will agree that counter surfaces with embedded decorators have a unique look, decorators could be range across a lot of things such as brass, coins, marbles etc.

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