4 Tips for Finding Managed IT Support Providers

In the past, computer problems may have merely led to head-scratching and frustration. These days, a malfunction can bring an entire company to a halt. While it’s helpful to have a staff member who can work on computers, it’s not enough; companies need managed information technology support. Below are several things to consider when choosing a managed services provider.

The Company’s Needs

Before beginning the search, managers should determine which services they need from a service provider. Some companies need someone on-site all the time, and others need an on-call emergency technician. To avoid paying for more (or less) service than expected, it’s important for companies to determine their needs before looking for an IT provider.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

While outsourcing is becoming increasingly common, some still believe that it takes jobs away from current workers. Introducing managed IT into a closed environment may lead to resistance from staff members, but preparing them for the transition can make the process a bit easier. When executives and staff are sold on the benefits of managed IT, everyone’s job will become easier.

Consider More Than Pricing

It may seem counterintuitive to do so, but it’s important to base hiring decisions on things other than price. While two providers may charge similar rates, the quality of service may differ significantly. Companies assess fees differently; some charge a flat retainer fee, and others bill on an as-needed basis. Before hiring an outside IT firm, the manager should understand its pricing and billing structures.

Build a Good Relationship

IT providers and clients must work together on a variety of projects. Therefore, it’s vital to choose one with whom it’s possible to build a solid working relationship. When clients take time to nurture a relationship with their IT provider, they’re more likely to receive priority service in times of crisis.

Get Help Finding Managed Services Today

The best managed services providers can ease the burdens posed by technical issues without putting undue financial strain on a company. With outsourced IT support, companies of all sizes can gain access to the highest levels of performance for a percentage of what they’d pay a full-time IT staff member. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call today.

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